Polenta (Mămăligă) with feta cheese and cream

This “polenta” is a special dish that is very traditional in Romania. It can be used as bread in different meals or accompanying stews, stuffed cabbage rolls or even eaten with milk (instead of cereal, 😉 ). However, the recipe presented here is a delicious mixture of polenta, cheese and sour cream that is quick and easy.

What you need:

–          1.5l/51 oz. water

–          400g/0.88 lbs corn flour

–          ½ tsp salt

–          500g/1.1 lbs feta cheese (grated)

–          200ml/6.8 oz  cream

Bring the water  to a boil and start adding corn flour gradually, just a pinch at a time, while stirring constantly.  At the same time, reduce heat to medium temperature. Keep stirring until it becomes harder and harder to stir and the result is a thick mixture.

Pour half of the polenta in a tray, sprinkle the grated cheese over it (it should melt since the polenta is very hot) and pour the rest of the polenta over the layer of cheese. Leave to cool down.

When it has cooled down, pour the sour cream, evening it out –  this is the top layer and the final touch of this dish.


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