Biscuit “salami” (Rum and chocolate biscuit roll

This is a very common dessert in Romania and it has many variations throughout the country. You can basically enrich the recipe by adding Turkish delight, raisins, nuts, almonds, coconut flakes, whatever you feel might work well with the rum-chocolate biscuit base of the dessert.

The recipe presented here is pretty basic and it’s really easy to make.

This is what you need for approximately 5 rolls (each roll would be 3cm/1.2 inches in diameter and 30cm/12 inches long)- of course, you can make them any size you want:

–          800g/1.8 lbs normal (sweet) biscuits

–          350ml/10 oz. milk (preferably not skimmed milk, but use 3.5% milk)

–          10 spoons of sugar

–          220g butter/0.5 lbs margarine

–          8 spoon-fulls of cocoa

–          100g/0.3 lbs coconut flakes

–          Rum flavour (as much as you prefer) – you can also add some vanilla flavor

–          Cellophane wrap for rolling the dessert

The first thing you have to do is probably the most troublesome: you have to crumble the biscuits into a powder. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it can also have bigger bits and biscuit crumbles – but it mostly has to be powdered down in order to be able to form a paste with the syrup you’ll cook next. You can do it by hand or you can also use a coffee grinder.

Crumbling the biscuits

The syrup is made out of the milk, sugar and cocoa that you heat up in a pot (using whole milk makes it easier for the syrup not to stick to the pot). You slowly heat the mixture, stirring carefully until the sugar melts.

Next up,  you leave the syrup to cool off for a bit and add the butter. It should melt nicely in the warm syrup mixture. If it doesn’t , heat  the pot just a bit and you’ll see the butter will start to melt.

After the mixture has cooled down a bit, add the rum and vanilla flavor in the syrup, stir it well and pour over the biscuit powder.

Mix it well until it all becomes a cocoa-coloured mixture.  * if you prefer you could also add raisins, almonds, nuts, and other extras that you might like to have in the roll.

Pouring the cocoa-butter mix onto the biscuits

Mixing the syrup and biscuit crumbles

The dessert is ready, you only need to roll it up nicely and keep it in the fridge for about 3-4 hours before serving. Cooling in the fridge will allow the butter to thicken the mixture and coagulate it nicely.

For rolling the dessert you have to use cellophane wrap. Take out a rectangular piece, as large as you would want your roll to be. Put some coconut flakes on it and then put the biscuit mixture shaping it nicely into a roll. Then roll the cellophane wrap so that the biscuit roll is all covered in coconut flakes, fold it up and shape it into the circular form you desire and then store it in the fridge.

It’s easy to make and is absolutely divine, especially if served with a cup of milk! 😀


2 responses to “Biscuit “salami” (Rum and chocolate biscuit roll

  1. Hi,

    I cooked Biscuit Salami last night for my German girlfriend. Because she liked “vinete” SO much, I thought I should keep it up with the traditional Romanian dishes. Got surprisingly good results since I’m not a person that cooks to often or knows how to.

    I’m sorry I didn’t run into this recipe earlier; when I was looking something up for this kakao-roll I found many forum posts, but none structured as I wanted to. This, however, is.
    No problem, you have other entries here I’d like to try anyway since I’m on holiday and I’ve time.

    Thanks! Oriana

  2. Cool site very impressed about what i can find here.About “vinete”=eggplant salad.

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